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Reviewing a website cannot really be done in isolation. If you are rating a website, you really have to be comparing it with other sites in the same niche or area in order to be able to rank the site against other websites. This supposes that you have the experience to be objective and detached about the website that you are reviewing and that you have others to compare it against.

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So What Did You Think Then?

At some point in 2016, there are going to be a billion websites in existence … a billion!

Some of them are pure advertising; some are information; and some - well you don’t really want to know, do you? If you are looking for a particular product, service, or for reports, news, knowledge based items or anything that can be rated there is probably a review website. The aim of these website reviews is to give a rating to a website based on various parameters like:

  • Appearance and layout
  • Design
  • Speed of links
  • Usability
  • Privacy
  • Stability
  • Button usage and utility
  • Functionality
  • Coverage

Together with other factors, these will give an indication as to whether a particular website is worth visiting or if it is one to steer away from.

It’s A Yes From Me …

A website review needs to put across a set of values and experiences that the reader can relate to; common terms of reference to compare against, and an obvious underlying understanding of the subject by the reviewer. If the reader feels that the website review writer does not have any empathy with the site, they are unlikely to take the review seriously, or set much store by it.

Whatever the reason you are writing website reviews for - work, personal or business reasons - you need to feel that you can be comfortable with the result and that it reflects an accurate interpretation of your experience. It is as well to remember that it could well be you on the other end of such a website review, needing to be informed, and given the lows, not just the highs, of the site.

If you feel that you cannot do this or do not have the background knowledge or research available to you, it might be worth considering engaging the services of a website review writing service. There is nothing worse than a badly written review. The reception and, indeed, the reputation, of a great product or service, can be ruined by a badly written review in so prominent a place as a newspaper or influential blog.

Have a look at other reviews on your subject to get an idea of the parameters covered and the way in which the reviewer tackles the narrative. It will give you an idea as to whether you could do as well if not better. If you do not have the experience but feel that you must complete a review for any reason, consider carefully whether you can do the product, service or item, justice. Even a bad review can be valuable if it is well written.

This is where a dedicated website review writing service will pay dividends for you.

At a service such as those at, we have amassed a team of specialist, expert writers who can craft the perfect website review for you. These writers have produced thousands of such website reviews and know exactly what is required.

This means that your website reviews will be written in a style and manner which ensures that they will be prominent in any group of media. This, in turn, will lead to more people reading your website review and commenting on it and leaving feedback.

Website review writing service companies constantly advertise on the internet. To find the best website review writing service for your needs, we would, (ironically) suggest checking review websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Manta.

Companies like continually come at the top of the ratings on these sites, and we would urge you to contact our award-winning customer services department to discuss with them the finer points of engaging some website review help.

It is really not worth playing with your future results by skimping on your website reviews - give a call today and see how we can give you a head start.

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