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Name of respondent: ……………………………………………………………………………

Date: …………………………………………...

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible by selecting one choice from those provided.












1.LaRossa’s Pizzeria makes me feel at home







2.The restaurant offers good quality meals








3.I love the customer service at LaRossa’s Pizzeria








4.Speed of service at the restaurant is prompt







5.The cost of the meals matches the quality of the meals








6.Meals at LaRossa are very expensive







7.I would recommend a friend to LaRossa Pizzeria








8.LaRossa Pizzeria should open more branches in other areas










Thank you for your feedback!                                               


Voice of the customers represents the expectations a client or customer possesses towards a specific product or service. Voice of the customer enables management teams to analyze and customize products in line with the expectations and wishes of the potential customers. It is only through consultation of the voice of the customer that companies manage to penetrate the consumer market successfully (Yang, 2008). It because of the importance of customer feedback and the contribution that companies conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Customer satisfaction surveys aim at the collection of views and thoughts from consumers so as to either improve or sustain good product or service delivery. The success of top management companies lies in the power of the voice of the customer.

During the development of a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire, several aspects of the organization need consideration. The questions asked in a survey directly affect the prosperity of the organization as well as the comfort of the consumers. The above customer satisfaction survey questionnaire contains eight questions, of which each question directly affects the management of LaRossa Pizzeria. Customer feedback collection methods and strategies include; focus group discussions, formal surveys and comment cards, direct customer contact, the study of customer complaints, monitoring social media platforms for customer comments and updates (Kumar, 2013). Below is the rationale behind the selection of each question in the questionnaire.

Question 1: In the design and construction of a restaurant or any food parlor, customer comfort is mandatory. Making a customer feel comfortable in the restaurant determines whether he or she becomes a repeat customer. It is, therefore, important to find out from the clients whether a restaurant gives them the comfort they deserve or not.

Question 2: For customer satisfaction in the purchase of products and services, living up to the expectations of the customer is very important. Good quality meals live up to the expectations of a client while bad quality meals anger the client. Unhappy clients are a restaurant’s worst nightmare. Unhappy clients spread bad information to the outside public, potential consumers. Bad quality chases away customers.

Question 3: First impressions go a long way in the perception and judgment of good and bad. The reception of a customer, once they enter a restaurant, and how they get treated or spoken to, changes a lot in the food industry. Restaurants with good customer service receive various recommendations and repeat customers as well.

Question 4: Prompt delivery of services is one of the greatest challenges in restaurants. No one wants to wait for their meal for two hours. Time management in restaurants plays a big role in the restaurant’s success or demise.

Question 5: As far as products and services are concerned, matching quality and quantity is a major factor for success. A consumer is willing to pay much money for good quality products and services rather than pay expensively for a shoddy job. The presentation, taste and feeling a consumer gets while enjoying a meal all sum up as quality.

Question 6: Product sellers and service providers, ought to put a lot of caution in the pricing of their merchandise. Very high prices tend to put off clients.

Question 7: The question of whether one would recommend another to a certain restaurant solely depends on their customer experience. Individuals with good experience would reluctantly recommend others while those with bad customer experience would never recommend anyone. Bad customer experience leads to bad-talk which chases away potential customers.

Question 8: Asking customers and potential clients on whether to expand gives the restaurant management perspective on growth. If many agree in the opening of other branches, then it means that the restaurant is mature enough to mentor other branches. On the contrary, if many disagree then it means that the restaurant may not be ready to expand.

The identification and establishment of an appropriate customer profile goes a long way in the maintenance and retention of customers for any business. Before the opening of any business venture, stakeholders need to analyze the target group for their business critically and whether the population and trends of the target market can positively influence the success of the company or not. LaRossa’s Pizzeria, like any other business has its target market.

LaRossa Pizzeria targets the dwellers of Deauville area who seek to enjoy family meals in a family –oriented atmosphere. LaRossa’s Pizzeria provides a conducive environment where the whole family, the young and the old can comfortably enjoy a meal without getting uneasy. Restaurants that provide customers with a family oriented atmosphere allow the visitation of families without fear of obscenity or loneliness. Due to the lack of home delivery services in the Deauville area, LaRossa’s Pizzeria provides a new experience of comfort that comes with home delivery. Home delivery allows customers to order and enjoy fresh meals that get delivered to the customer’s doorstep, in the comfort of their homes. With home delivery, customers no longer have to worry about driving long distances just to get a meal.

As far as age is concerned, LaRossa’s Pizzeria targets individuals of all age groups, starting from children to the old. The fact that the restaurant offers a family oriented atmosphere means that their target market does not discriminate when it comes to age.

In conclusion, the collection and review of customer feedback through the many various ways helps organizations improve their service delivery avenues. It is only customers that exhibit positive criticism towards their sellers. Ignoring customer feedback is, therefore, a sure way of collapsing one’s business. Also, carefully assessing and determining one’s target market creates a niche for new upcoming organizations with an established customer base. It is, therefore, important for management teams to validate and employ the criticism that emanates from clients for success.


Kumar, V. (2013). Profitable customer engagement: Concept, metrics, and strategies.

Yang, K. (2008). Voice of the customer: Capture and analysis. New York: McGraw-Hill. 

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