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Smart Cap Review

A Smart Cap is a fatigue measurement and management tool for heavy vehicle operators and drivers. The Smart Cap predicts the when a driver or operator is in danger by measuring the brain waves to detect any traces of micro sleep. Smart Cap works by measuring the brain activity of the wearer and then calculating the level of alertness. On the identification of risk, low level of alertness, the Smart Cap alerts the operator about the impending danger. The benefits of Smart Cap don not end with heavy machine drivers. Smart Cap’s use extends to users and operators of ships, trucks, dozers, trains, construction workers, miners and even in personal cars on a family holiday drive. Due to the extent of risk caused by fatigue, Smart Cap offers real-time alerts to its operators for early intervention and management of fatigue. The Cap contains a slot where one can insert the card that handles the processing of the alert signal.

Smart Cap operates in an automated way. After the device’s installation that takes about an hour the only thing an operator requires to do is wear the Cap and wait for alerts if any.  Changes in environmental factors do not affect the functionality of Smart Cap making more effective with very minimal chances of errors. The data collected by Smart Cap do not invade one’s privacy since privatized data does not express the wearer. Smart Cap prevents accidents and other fatigue-related calamities from happening by informing the wearer in advance through alerts. Installation of alarm systems in the Smart Cap makes it easy to alert the user in cases of high levels of fatigue.

Monitoring of Smart Cap takes place in one centralized location in real time with the help of network data and Wi-Fit. The security of the data collected improves with the fact that the information storage is on a cloud storage system. Smart Cap takes care of all issues related to security and backup in the cloud storage facility as well as the provision for availability in all locations from an array of devices. The Smart Cap works with other partners such as Integrated with onboard and fleet management systems (IVMS) in the strengthening of fatigue management plans and accident investigations.

The security of data collected from Smart Cap should be paramount. If stolen, the information on Smart Cap could expose the personal information of users to identity thieves and other forms of theft prompted by personal information discovery. The data collected by Smart Cap gets controlled by Raydar Electronics Company for assurance of data security.

Raydar electronics not only needs to secure the information collected on Smart Cap but also needs to ensure that the information is neither lost nor hacked. KK group, on the other hand, was successful for a while but rapidly ran into bankruptcy and collapse due to widespread miscounts and theft of the clothing the company made. Most of the thefts occurred due to the lack of tags on the clothes that made it easier for the clothes to be stolen. For many years, Raydar electronics worked with KK cloth making company help bring it back to its feet. The CEO of Raydar’s loyalty should solely represent the needs and wants of all the stakeholders involved in the products of KK. The best advice the CEO of Raydar could offer to KK is the implementation of tagging system that would curb theft and restore the store’s glory. 

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