Sales Letter





Sales Letter

The writing plan for a persuasive request

  • Gaining attention in the opening
  • Building interest in the body
  • Reducing resistance in the body
  • Motivational action in the closing

A recent business social media sales/marketing posting

“Don’t Let Acne Define You. Defy It with Proactiv+

Starts to kill acne bacteria on contact

Help prevent future breakouts

Tough on acne while gentle on skin"

The advertisement was for a company called proactive+. In the posting, the company had shared the benefits that come along with using their beauty productions. The company was persuading customers to buy their facial products and experience a gentle acne free skin.



October 25, 2015


Mr. Walter Brown

Director, Pasty Pharmaceuticals

1800 Stanley Road

Dear Mr. Brown,


Think about how much office hours go to waste due to lack of effective communication. With our new Smartphone application MODERNOFFICE, your working hours can be fully utilized for maximum profits.

MODERNOFFICE is the newest product in the market, but it is already doing wonders. In fact, New York Times recently called it “the bomb of technology”. Many companies both big and small are already reaping the benefits of this application. Please do not be the only one’s missing out on these benefits:

Flawless communication: this application allows for easy communication between all the company personnel from the managers to the subordinates. With MODERNOFFICE it is very easy to share files and documents. The managers will also be able to call for an urgent meeting by just posting it in the application, and all the staff will receive alerts within seconds. Employees can also further access minutes from previous meetings via the app in a very simple and fast way.

Time saving: this application allows employees to post any questions they have, and the relevant managers get to respond to their concerns immediately. This is a great improvement from suggestion boxes where the issues were addressed on a weekly basis.

Cutting costs: MODERNOFFICE will also help your company to reduce its operating costs. Imagine how much you spend on printing memos every time you need to communication with your employees. With this application, however, there will be no need for memos all communication will be via the app. The application is also quite easy to operate and can be used by employees from all the job groups.

For more inquiries, call us at 1-800-420-5556, visit our website; or email us at


Kelvin Robins

Managing Director, Smart Solutions

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