Decision Matrix





Decision Matrix

The decision matrix is an elusive tool that is used in prioritizing and evaluating a particular list of options (Brooks 1). While using the decision matrix, it is recommended that the participating teams should commence by establishing the weight of the criteria to be used. Evaluating the available options is the next step and is done against the criteria procedure (Brooks 1). The decision matrix is used by the management to determine the number of employees required in an engineering firm as focused in this paper.  

Decision matrix plays a critical role in enhancing the management to determine the number of workers needed in an organization. In fact, decision matrix enhances managers to use all the information at their disposal to make an informed decision. In most cases, engineering firms find themselves in a situation whereby they underemployed or over employ staffs. With decision matrix at disposal, engineering firms can recruit high quality and reliable employees endorsed with engineering skills.  

The employees desired should reflect remarkable skills, knowledge and interpersonal qualities. In fact, decision matrix is used in assessing the past and current trends of business performance (Brooks 1). In this case, it analyzes the previous business performance and in return acts as an excellent predictor of the employees future trends. It also helps to relate the company’s budget and the salary payment to every employee. Thus, it aids in evaluating the budget and the profitability of the enterprise. Moreover, it helps to establish the relationship between problems faced by the organization in terms of employees. The criterion in each case reflects the total score that points the area that the organization needs to improve (Brooks 1).  As a result, the decision matrix assists in relating the industrial trends such as the organization expansion and compares them with the business goals and objectives.  Therefore, the matrix is in a position to predict whether hiring employees will accrue advantages or disadvantages to the organization. 

In conclusion, decision matrix plays a vital role in evaluating possible alternatives that result from a course of action. Consequently, the management is able to arrange and assess the available options.  This helps to determine whether additional employees are required in an organization or not. 

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