Revision Policy

Revision Policy

When it comes to the customer’s satisfaction, nothing is left to chance. Our aim is to be successful, and we will not stop at anything until we make our clients happy. The writing services we provide must be approved when they reach the final draft, so as to be sure that our users are always content with what has been delivered to them. This is why, when a customer is not entirely happy with what they have received, we have a strong revision policy that enables them to understand how to approach their revision requests.

Instances When Your Revisions are Free

You might request a review of the final draft and product because the writer has not met all of your requirements. In that case, as long as the instructions concerning your order don’t change, your revision will be free of charge and will be provided as quickly as possible. The changes need to be made within a span of 14 days upon receiving the final product. This period enables the customer to review their order and decide whether or not it meets their requirements. If, by any chance, there have been any misunderstandings regarding the details of the text, the customer will be asked to provide a list of additional specific info for the changes they want. Thus, you may receive a free revision when:

  • The instructions weren’t thoroughly applied by the writer, even though you had specified them and there were no changes made to them.
  • Your request occurs within 14 days after the final receipt.
  • If the instructions were modified within two hours after the original instructions were sent.

If a client is not happy with the services provided by their previous writer, they can ask for a different author to complete their revisions. We will be more than glad to offer these services to you.

Instances When Revisions Might Require an Extra Fee

If your revision request is altered or contains different instructions from the original ones, we will have to add additional charges to your order. When adding new instructions that were not originally there, you will be giving supplementary work for the writer. That fee will be destined to pay the author for his/her extra work which was done to complete your task with the additional changes.

All things considered, we will provide you with a list of instances in which you will be charged extra for your order:

  • If the original order contained many errors in the instructions and your revision requests the correction of said errors, we may require additional fees.
  • If you alter the instructions after the writer has already begun working on the paper, we will add additional charges to cover the extra work.
  • If you modify the instructions after the first two hours stipulated in the contract, you will also be charged extra.
  • If there are certain resources that are necessary for the order, but that are not available for use or are unknown, you will have to search for them and provide them.
  • If the required resources cannot be obtained from the customer, our writing company will be responsible for getting them. In order for us to do that, you will have to cover the costs of obtaining the research data.

How to Ask for a Revision

Upon reviewing your final draft, you can ask for a revision of your project, specifying what you want to be changed in your text. Revisions can be done by contacting our Customer Support Department by phone, e-mail, or the live chat that can be found on our website. You can do so within the regular period set for revisions (14 days).

All of the revision requests will need a written version, so if you make your request by phone, you will also need to submit a demand in writing, in which you include any evidence that is required to support your claim.

Revisions that do not require any changes based on the original instructions will take less time to complete in comparison to those which had their instructions modified. If you ask for modifications based on your original instructions, we can guarantee to meet your deadline. If, however, you add changes to the original instructions, we cannot ensure that we will meet your original deadline.

We take pride in the fact that most of our clients are happy with their original drafts so that no further revisions will be necessary. But if you do require us to make modifications in your draft, our revision policy was made to ensure that you receive complete satisfaction regarding your final product. We will remain open to discussion, as well as try to keep the costs to the minimum in order to get your work done. For further questions, contact our Customer Support Department.

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