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A lot of the clients using our resume design services are previous customers who have used our graphic designers in the past and have been so pleased with the results that they have come back to us. We have really high rates and happy that we have helped thousands of clients around the world to advance their careers and get employed in new areas through their enhanced job applications.

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Step 1 - Looking good …

There is a limit to being able to write your way into an interview and/or a job with just words alone. Given a pile of applications forms, CVs and resumes on a desk, somehow you must make yours stand out from the crowd and get it picked.

One way of doing this is to design resume papers for maximum impact and interest. This can obviously be done by use of different types of paper; hues, textures and colours of the paper and the printing. Font sizes, colours and formatting also come into it.

Obviously, if you are applying for a job at a conservative law firm, your presentation and design would be completely different from an application to a trendy advertising agency, and this is where consultation with an experienced resume design services company will be invaluable. They know everything about resume design from the psychology of colours, through to which fonts to use to maximise the important information on a page, while minimising the more “contentious” bits!

This skill takes years of practice and know-how and understanding. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is never truer than when applying for a job. Your resume will be representing you and will be judged before you have even been seen by anyone at your prospective new employers.

If you can imagine a pile of white papers with an orange one in the middle - it would be perfectly natural to pick up the one orange piece of paper out of pure curiosity, and this is the principle on which resume design rests. Professional CV design is definitely something that you should consider using in your application process.

Step 2 - Looking better ...

It is estimated that a human resources interviewer spends just six seconds looking over a resume to decide whether they want to take the application any further or not. You really need to get noticed very quickly. With so many applicants for each job these days, you need to use anything at your disposal to ensure that your CV or resume get noticed over all of the other applications. has a resume design service which was set up to address this creative challenge and give you the edge you need.

Our aim is to give each resume design our absolute best treatment and in using our professional CV design and resume design service, you will certainly be giving yourself the best shot of getting your application noticed.

Of course, given the availability of desktop publishing software, it is entirely possible to produce your own resume designs. You need to be familiar with setting up quite complicated programmes and layouts though, so for most people this may not be an option.

Step 3 - Perfection

If you are not sure that you can do your resume editing yourself and want to get professional assistance with it - contact our support team. They will ask for an outline to find you the most suitable expert designer in your particular field. These professional CV design specialists are carefully chosen from various printing and graphics companies and similar commercial sources and are considered to be some of the best in their fields. Clients will find it easy to communicate their ideas to them and discuss all the details. 

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Forget about plagiarism! We use the professional tools to make sure that the papers are free of plagiarism.

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