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The saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” but it can certainly feel anything but good should you find yourself caught on the wrong side of some contretemps involving your business or enterprise. Even dealing with the press on a “run of the mill” basis can be fraught with difficulties and problems.

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There are unwritten rules and codes of behaviour that need to be followed and for the uninitiated it can be both confusing and dangerous. The last thing any business needs is bad publicity. It is bad enough to be the victim of a bad local news item let alone a national or international one.

Press releases need to be handled very carefully. Things you put out there in writing can easily be misconstrued and with social media to add to the mix things can get very messy - very quickly.

At we take care of hundreds of business, academic and personal press release details with our dedicated press release writing service. Our highly experienced expert writers come from a wide variety of press based professions such as journalism, advertising, editing and composition. They all have insights into the way the press operates and the ways in which you can exploit it to the good of your company and how you can engage damage limitation should everything be going wrong for you. Most have media studies, journalism or language qualifications at degree level or above.

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Press release writing services cover a range of tasks involving not just traditional papers, magazines and printed matter but also Facebook, Twitter and other new social media sites. Each have their subtleties and one of the many skills our staff have is knowing what type of story or “advertorial” would work best with what type of media.Writing for the press is made more difficult because it is never actually for any specific group, it is always generic, you never know who is going to read it so you need to think it through very carefully in order to get your message across in the way you would like.

The secrets of how to write a great press release are many and varied. If you have no experience of writing such releases you would be surprised at how, and it’s press release writing services can help you.

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"AP" or Associated Press style is the acknowledged format for any press release. Our writers are well-versed in using this for any releases that they might do on your behalf. Many publications will not allow publication unless these criteria are followed. You need an expert who is used to the system to do this properly.

Writing a decent headline is another must. Again, there is a knack to this and our press release writing service experts are adept at writing such headlines. They will liaise with you as to the message you need to put across and craft it with this in mind.

An important but oft overlooked aspect of press releases is the manner of  distribution. Do you want to put it into a national newspaper or would it be more useful and reach a more targeted audience if it were released locally? We have an array of contacts at newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and other media outlets who can help with these aspects of your release.

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This is where a dedicated press release writing service will come into its own. At a service such as, we have amassed a team of specialist, expert writers who can craft the perfect press release for you.

Press release writing services companies constantly advertise on the internet. To prove that we are the best press release writing service, we would suggest checking review websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Manta.

WritingDaddy press release writing service writers always take first places in ratings on the mentioned sites, and we'd urge you to get in contact with our support team to discuss all the details of your paper and make an order today. Give a call today and see how we can give you a head start.

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