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An excellent personal statement says more about you than almost anything else. Writing personal statement information is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Personal statements walk into your interview before you and enhance or destroy your chances of success before you have even seen the interviewing panel; of all your documents, this is THE one to get right!

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Who Wants To Know?

Writing a personal statement is like baring your soul to a group of disinterested strangers. You need to be able to overcome their apathy and disingenuousness and grab them and take them with you so that they end up wanting more.

If you think that sounds difficult you are absolutely right.

Getting Your Act Together - Writing A Personal Statement

So: some personal statement help - how to start a personal statement? Well, a good start would be to have a personal statement introduction. This could be just your name, how old you are, where you live and where you intend to go to college. You can then outline in more detail various aspects of your aims and ambitions. A good guide is provided here - it is not exhaustive but will contribute some pointers to use for notes whether you do the personal statement writing yourself or engage outside personal statement writers:

  • Why are you applying for this particular course?
  • What is it that interests you about this subject?
  • What makes you a suitable student for the course?
  • How do your previous and current studies overlap with the course?
  • What have you done outside of your courses to expand on this subject in any way?
  • List the skills that you acquired in doing these activities.
  • What other achievements have you made in your life; awards, positions of leadership/responsibility; things you think would stand out and enhance your character?
  • List your work experience, charity placements, voluntary work, and anything pertinent to your proposed course
  • Expand on what you intend to do after the course and how doing the course will impact on that and how you will amalgamate it into this plan.
  • Finish off with a personal statement conclusion which pulls it all together into a credible summary of your hopes and aspirations.

Obviously, nobody knows better than you, your own details for this task - the difficulty is sometimes putting it all across in a way which lifts you above the crowd.

Find Help With Personal Statement Writing

Getting personal statement help is not the questionable practice that it used to be considered to be. With the advent of international students travelling across continents to study in languages and cultures which are completely different to their own, it has become more accepted to have a professional personal statement service like WritingDaddy.com working with you to help ease the burden.

This is certainly the case if English is not your first language. It may well be your second or even third language, and you will certainly need some help with the nuances and subtleties of it to get your point across well.

It is not just the use of the language though; the specialist expert writers at personal statement writing service companies write thousands of personal statements each year. They know what the assessors are looking for and how to put those requirements on paper in order to give you the best possible advantage - it is like having the inside track to your placement.

Pulling It All Together

Finding help with personal statement writing with superb personal statement writers like those of WritingDaddy.com has never been easier. There are a host of review websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Manta. Just get in touch with your chosen company’s customer services department and they will advise you about costs, deadlines and anything else that you need to know about engaging their services.

For example, our award-winning customer service department at WritingDaddy.com will put you in touch with one of our expert team of writers. They will then liaise with you to create a professional personal statement which will give you the confidence to go into any interview knowing that the paper that the interviewers have in front of them is the perfect personal statement about you.

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