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The pros and cons of multiple choice questions seem to be debated endlessly in educational circles. Ever since they were introduced as an alternative to the rote-learning type of single questions, which mostly consisted of regurgitating what had been taught in class.

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What Was That Again?

Multiple choice questions, on the other hand, were designed to test a student’s comprehension, comparative abilities and their comprehension of the alternative approaches to a problem.

Multiple choice questions, (or MCQ questions) are now a standard part of any course, be it for high school, college, university - even doctorate level examinations. The beauty of them, from an examiner’s point of view, is that they are easier to mark - the question is either right or wrong - there is no subjective marking because all of the mark allocation has been completed and agreed upon when the examination was created. Multiple choice tests save examiners hours of tedious checking; bad writing, grammar, sentence construction, the length of the essay and other problems all become redundant. A simple stencil is usually all it takes to mark a multiple choice paper - it is just placed on the answers and ticked if it is correct, the score added up and converted to a percentage - simple, clean, straightforward, uncomplicated and quick ....

Hobson’s Choice

Writing effective multiple choice questions has now become vital in the marking and assessment schemes of most leading educational establishments. Whole departments are devoted to the psychological profiling of the MCQ question and answer protocols. Multiple choice strategies abound, and it is an area in which multiple choice test taking strategies are poured over regularly to ensure their efficacy and fairness to students. Psychology plays a huge part in the selection, wording and order in which multiple choice questions are set out.

So; what does this mean for you as a student?

There are now new rules of engagement; you need to adopt test taking strategies that multiple choice questions did not need, even just a couple of years ago. In order to succeed, under the new systems, you will certainly need more than multiple choice test taking tips.

Unless you are well versed in the techniques used, and the way in which similar questions can be worded and laid out, it is possible to know the answers but fail, simply because of the way in which the question was worded. Many students, especially those to whom English is not a first, or even second or third, language will be at a complete disadvantage here because the subtleties involved in the wording of the questions will be beyond their language skills.

This is where you need help with multiple choice questions from services like, in order that they work in your favour, and not in the examiners! Whether it is English multiple choice questions, science multiple choice questions or any other subject where you are answering multiple choice questions, it is essential that you get expert help with multiple choice questions if you want to get the grades you need.

Ticking All The Right Boxes

Where do you start to find the help with multiple choice questions you need? Finding multiple choice tests writing services is simple; many websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Manta are available. These sites give reviews of MCQ question and answer providers that are put up by people who have used these services to help them with answering multiple choice questions in the past. By looking through the sites, you can create a shortlist of the best options available for multiple choice strategies and multiple choice tests

Once you have found a multiple choice tests writing service that you are interested in, speak to the customer services department, and give them an idea of what it is that you are seeking. Customer services such as our own, award-winning team at will be able to discuss all aspects of your proposed multiple choice test taking strategies and give you an idea of the price and the timescale involved.

Whatever the subject when answering multiple choice questions, we have a specialist advisor who can give multiple choice test taking strategies that will take you all the way to the gradings you need. Call, email, or live chat today.

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