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If you are having your first experience with a math modeling assignment, you need to understand that it will not be your last. Math modeling has crept into business, economics, sociology, health care, psychology, science and more.

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Mathematical modeling is a method of using mathematical language and concepts to show proofs of both theoretical constructs as well as real situations. Many disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, biology and earth science, as well as meteorology and astronomy, use math modeling in their research and calculations.

Engineering, social sciences and economists, statisticians and psychologists, amongst others also use mathematical modeling.

These models are used to illustrate and display a range of mass information and show it in an understandable and logical fashion.

An example that will be familiar is that of weather forecasting in meteorology. Here there are such a huge range of factors, all playing out with each other to create an end result, that the only feasible way of showing this is to model, mathematically, the variables and their interactions over the course of time, (which is a constant here - that is a “known,” factor). Temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed, adiabatic lapse rate, precipitation levels, and a myriad other functions are all combined and modeled to create the familiar weather map that we see on our television screens nightly.

There are many other forms of mathematical model which can incorporate dynamical systems, statistical models, differential equations, or game theory models. 3D computer models such as those that show reconstructions of the features of ancient skulls and skeletons, are another example of the use of math modeling in action. Another is that of the mapping and display of ocean currents and plate tectonic movements over millennia. All of these types of model can overlap like Venn diagrams, with information and values being shared between models - the case of the ocean currents above, overlapping with the weather systems, is an example of this; both share certain elements and variables of information.

The calculations and sheer quantity of numbers involved in math modeling, mean that the level of sophistication and complication is immense. It is a very rarified area of mathematical science and finding help from normal sources is often not an option.

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