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Math optimization problems should really be called “projects,” for that is what they really are. They do not involve a math problem for which there is a single solution or method of arriving at a single solution. No, they involve finding multiple solutions and then determining which solution method is the best for a particular situation.

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Nothing could apply more to that quotation than math optimization.

This is a rarefied and extremely complex mathematical field of study which is based on maximising or minimising, (hence optimization) a real function, (ie.something which actually occurs - as opposed to a theoretical notion) by systematically choosing input values from within an allowed set, (ie. a known area of operation) and computing the value of the function, (ie. finding the highest or lowest result).

Math optimization can be applied to various allied disciplines such as mechanics, economics, electrical engineering, operations research, control engineering, geophysics, petroleum engineering and molecular modeling to name but a few. It is possible to use both multi-objective optimization and multi-modal optimization in all of the calculations made using math optimization and its application to all of these uses.

In order to reach an answer, it is necessary to classify the critical points and extrema of the parameters of the calculation.

A feasibility problem is set out, its existence is then proved, as are the necessary conditions for optimality together with the confirmation that there are sufficient conditions for optimality too.

Sensitivity and continuity of optima are then considered and then all pulled together using the calculus of optimization equations and their proofs.

Computational optimization techniques include optimization algorithms, iterative methods, global convergence, and heuristics.

There are many major subfields of math optimization some of which are:

  • Convex programming
  • Linear programming
  • Second order cone programming
  • Semidefinite programming
  • Conic programming
  • Geometric programming
  • Integer programming
  • Quadratic programming
  • Calculus of variations
  • Optimal control theory
  • Dynamic programming and the Bellman equation.
  • Mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints

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