While Or Whilst? When Editing Matters!


Whether or not you know the rules regarding the use of these two words, trying to write a whole paper is difficult enough, without getting tripped over the minutiae of grammar and spelling of such words. If you check out websites like Grammarly on the internet, you will see endless forum discussions on such topics as to how to use while or whilst correctly. These can go on for pages and pages, and last for weeks, and even then the participants can never come up with a solution which is accepted by everyone.

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Bring In The Distinction - Editing vs Proofreading

An important one on editing and proofreading. There is a huge, but highly misunderstood difference between the two skills, the main contrasts being:

  • Editing; involves correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, formatting and accuracy of the text. This is done throughout the writing of the document as you go along.
  • Proofreading; involves the reading through of a paper to check for any errors that may have been missed at the editing stage, and to make sure that the whole thing is in an understandable and logical sequence. This is done for the final document and completed just before publication.

Deciding which of these two types of checking you need depends on the stage your project has reached. If you are busy altering and moving sentences and paragraphs around, and still deciding how it is all going to hang together, to be honest, it is pointless engaging either service. Help should only be hired once you are reaching the final stages of writing your paper. This is because by this time, both you and your editor and/or proofreader, will have a better idea of where your paper is going, and what you are trying to put across.

Is it me? Better Ask WritingDaddy.com

This attention to detail eliminates any propensity for errors and because the editor and/or proofreader are familiar with the subject matter and can anticipate and correct for many mistakes that may not be apparent to somebody who is not au fait with that particular field of study. Another good reason for having editing services or proofreading services professional writer look over your work, is that they know, from the other side of the fence, what is expected to be presented, and how it should be done. This means that you are getting inside knowledge built-in to the task from the start. This, of course, is invaluable, and it enables you to plan your work around a conclusion rather than having to guess at what is required.

Using professional editing services and proofreading is especially important if English is not your first language, and you are required to write a complicated dissertation, thesis, or doctoral level paper, in English. The stress and anxiety caused by having to complete such a task in a foreign language are immense. Having professional editing services and writing services at your disposal will ease the task considerably, and enable you to concentrate on other things. Some of our past students have described it as being akin to having a huge weight lifted from their shoulders. WritingDaddy.com is proud to have helped thousands of students to gain good grades, even though their English language skills were not particularly high. We would count our editing and proofreading services amongst the best editing services that money can buy.

We'll Take It from Here - Professional Editing

The best editing service and writing services have great teams behind them, and WritingDaddy.com is no exception to this rule. Our award winning, and helpful customer services team will guide you through the process, from your initial contact through finding your own personal editing and proofreading specialist, all the way through to delivering the final draft of your paper. We are fully conversant with all levels of education and have complete access to the historical projects which our writers have worked on in the past. This means that they can carefully match your exact requirements with one of the specialists, experts, proofreaders or editors from our pool of writing and editing services professionals. Our customer service team is here 24/7 for you throughout your relationship with us, to help smooth out any problems and answer any queries you might have as you go through the process of ordering and completing your paper.

If Unsure - Writing Daddy Helps

If you are not entirely sure as to whether it is editing and proofreading services that you need, please feel free, with no obligation, to ring our customer services team, or to send us an email inquiry, via our website at WritingDaddy.com. We will make sure that you are given the correct advice for your circumstances and told how to proceed, so that you have the best customer experience.

You will never regret engaging our writing and editing services because it will enable you to complete your assignment at high school, college, university, or doctorate level, knowing that your paper is exactly as required to gain the highest possible grades. One thing you can be sure of is that you will be surprised at how reasonable our rates are for this type of work. It really is not worth scrimping at such a crucial stage of your education. Indeed, many of our past students have told us that taking one of our experts onto their team was the best thing that they ever did. We have students on our books that have used our services from college, right through to their doctoral thesis - if that is not a recommendation we do not know what is! Our editing and proofreading services are fast, accurate, and extremely reasonable on your pocket.

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