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Writing a dissertation is truly one of the significant, yet scariest point students face during their academic career. It takes long weeks and months of preparation, nights at the library with a laptop researching, browsing, taking notes, writing, reviewing, analyzing, etc. It `s a continuous and a fatiguing process that exhausts one mentally and emotionally. 

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Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

Literature review in dissertation Is one of the most difficult areas of dissertation writing. There are many reasons for this. Chief among them is the fact that at this level of paper very few people would be familiar with the kind of research that you are engaged in. This means that those that are will know if your dissertation literature review is accurate and authentic and you must make the review appealing, not just to them, but also to those who will not be so familiar with the subject matter or the concepts and arguments that you are trying to put across to them.

You must try to balance the interests and academic levels of both camps.


Writing a dissertation literature review is a challenge. A  literature review in dissertation must be organised properly and in a logical sequence of reading and indexing. The sources of reading material mentioned must be current and relevant to your subject and to ancillary matters as well. Any reference made in the dissertation literature review must be unambiguous and easily referenced for people who are unaccustomed to the subject area.

You should cover these points:

  • Amalgamate the research which led to your study subject with that which already exists
  • Show negative and positive aspects to balance the arguments
  • Present references which led you to embark on your own project
  • Give summaries of the main works that influence the field in which you are working
  • Contrast and compare those works which support your arguments and theories
  • Examine the impact of the authors of previous works on the outcomes of your topic
  • Collect quotations and extracts to assess your theories and arguments

It can be seen that this is a complicated and difficult set of parameters to organise and would be a challenge for anybody. Not only do you need the knowledge of the sources and their attributes but you need a comprehensive level of English language skills to make it all anything other than a boring list of references. The skill in making your literature review in dissertation “sing” is considerable indeed.

But Why Are We Doing This?

Basically you are trying to show anyone looking at your dissertation that you are both serious about your research and mindful of the other opinions and arguments that your peers and contemporaries have, (and will) put forward once your views are known.

You need to refer to both your new arguments and those which have gone before and pointed your research in the direction that it did.

The dissertation literature review combines all of these old and new arguments and shows them in a fresh light together with your workings and assumptions and, of course, your conclusions and outcomes.

A superbly written and elegantly presented dissertation literature review is a must if you want your dissertation paper to be taken seriously.

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