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Many works of non-fiction have an introductory section, sometimes called just that, or perhaps a preface. Either the author or another expert in the field provides the reader with the background and the purpose for the book that has been written. These are written after the book has been completed and for good reason.

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In The Beginning

When you pick up a book in a bookshop, the first thing that you usually do is read the back cover, which, more often than not, serves as an introduction to the book. It gives a brief summary of the plot, introduces the main characters, and gives an indication of where the book might be leading. Often the difference between buying the book and putting it back on the shelf where it came from is the quality and readability of that introduction.

The same applies to your dissertation. If your dissertation piques reader’s interests and keeps them wanting to read more, then your mission has been accomplished. Sadly, all too often, a bad dissertation introduction means that the paper that you worked so hard on and gave blood, sweat and tears for, doesn't get read.

Writing a dissertation introduction which grabs the attention of the reader and keeps them wanting more while putting across the premise of your dissertation is what you should aim for.

This is a skill of which not everyone is necessarily capable. It takes an understanding of pace, of grammar, of sentence construction and paragraph length, cadence, and often a sense of humor; to pull it all together and make it work in a coherent fashion.

We are going to give you some pointers as to how you can create a stunning and worthwhile introduction that will wow the readers and will want them looking through the rest of your dissertation.

In The Middle

Doing the actual research for your dissertation and putting the idea together doesn't necessarily mean that you can put the subject over well. Often someone who is closely involved in a project such as a dissertation over the course of months, cannot look at the overall picture objectively enough to explain the terms of reference in a concise and readable manner.

For example, when you have settled on the title of for your dissertation the dissertation introduction should then give an explanation as to why you decided to research this specific topic and explain the outline and ideas to explore. This introductory piece should be set out in both a theoretic and academic manner.

Here is a guide as to what the introduction should contain:

  • Outline of the thesis – key issues/considerations?
  • Reasons for investigating this particular issue and why it matters
  • How you intend to pursue this research and what methods you will adopt to do so
  • What outcome you hope to achieve

Depending on the institution and the department involved some introductions are included in the body of the paper itself, and other introductions are done on a standalone basis. It knows little points like this that make the difference between your dissertation being well received and it being sidelined in favor of the ones written by the people who know what they doing! If you have never prepared a dissertation before you are an immediate disadvantage.

At The End

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