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The goal of the dissertation discussion is to interpret and explain the importance of your findings by citing the previous knowledge of the proposed study plan. The dissertation recommendations which are included usually describe conclusions and inferences about the problem as a result of the latest findings.

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Dissertation Conclusions

The dissertation discussion is essentially a way of taking the reader from the initial dissertation introduction, via the thesis itself, to the conclusions that can be inferred or interpreted using the new results of your research and experimentation.

It is often thought that this section of your paper is the most important part of all because it:

  • Shows that you can look critically at a problem and design a series of tests to prove a solution and base that on both past work and future projections.
  • Explain how your research shows the improvements and other measures that can be taken to solve an issue that your research resolved.
  • Emphasise how your thesis could help other concerns in your discipline to reach their own solutions by adopting and implementing your strategy and methods.
  • The dissertation discussion can be used to point out new areas which could be explored as a result of those uncovered in your own thesis.

Your thesis may lend itself to another research project and act as a fillip to examination in another area of interest.

As a result of your paper being seen more widely by a larger audience. This often leads to introductions to people who have been working in a similar field becoming aware of your interest and making contact.

Because of this, your presentation and arguments need to be spot on. At WritingDaddy.com our team of Ph.D. level specialist writers and analysts will help you to craft an excellent dissertation discussion which you will be proud to present to your peers. Their experience and skill, over many years and in writing many hundreds of dissertations, will ensure that your hard work (and all those late nights) will not be wasted and that your work will be seen at its best by like-minded peers and colleagues.

Once the data from your thesis has been analyzed, you can engage in shaping recommendations as a result of the new information that has been presented.

Do not draw conclusions in this section, but discuss possible outcomes and scenarios resulting from your work.

New ideas

Your dissertation recommendations evolve from your observations and the way in which these fit into the outcome.

As the dissertation discussion develops, its arguments give you scope to enlighten your readers about areas which were not necessarily covered in other sections of your thesis.

This enables you to explain the meaning of the findings and why they are important. You can relate your own study to that of others especially if questions gathered from earlier studies acted as the motivation for your research. Linking and comparing the findings of other studies helps to strengthen the overall significance of your dissertation conclusions and it highlights how and in what ways your dissertation recommendations contrasts with other analysis of the subject.

Dissertation help

As you can see, with something as important as this it is vital to put across your arguments in a concise and well reasoned way. It is difficult, after working for months on a project, to be totally objective about the conclusions you reach. There may well be an unintentional bias towards certain dissertation conclusions and this can be eliminated by using outside, objective and highly qualified dissertation recommendations from WritingDaddy.com writers.

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