Here, at WritingDaddy.com, we want to make sure that our customers are fully informed about the terms and conditions of this website. On this page, we outline your rights and responsibilities as a client, to which you need to agree before placing your order. Whether you may want to review them or not, you are obliged to take these policies into consideration and fully acknowledge them. 

Customer Contact

We advise that you keep an updated contact information list at all times, which should include your phone number, your address, your full name and e-mail address. If, by any chance, any of these changes before you receive your final product, you should update your information as soon as possible. If, under any circumstances, we are unable to contact you due to the changes made in your contact details, we might not be able to fulfill all the obligations we have towards you.

Use of Product

In order to provide protection to our company, we set certain limitations regarding the use of samples and examples of writing and research. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or distribute these products for your own financial or personal gain. You are forbidden to use the received product as anything other than reference or research material, and you are not allowed to present this as your own work.

Order Related Instructions

As a customer, you need to provide any instructions necessary for the completion of your product. If the writer needs further details for your order, he or she will contact you immediately to solve the problem. In order for the production to not be delayed, your response needs to be as quick as possible.


WritingDaddy.com ensures that the product you received will be 100% original. Our company does not allow plagiarism, nor do we sell or buy from other companies for our own profit. If you suspect that your document has been plagiarized, you can request a revision of your paper and ask for a plagiarism scan. Revisions caused by plagiarism will be free of additional charges.

Research Instructions

If the customer does not provide any sources of information, our company will use whatever means necessary to conduct the research. Customers should take into account that additional fees will be added to the cost of the project if they do not provide the research material themselves. Our company holds the rights to delay the delivery until the expenses are covered. If however, the customers deliver the research themselves, no delays will occur, and the deadline will undoubtedly be met. Our writers will meet all of your instructions provided you upload all the necessary information to your account.

Order Cancelations

Some conditions will be applied if a client cancels an order for any reasons. These conditions will include the following:

  • The refund will be made based on how much work has already been done. If the customer cancels after the writer has already started working on the product, the refund will be decided based on the progress.
  • If you receive a refund, you can use it to make a future order.

Technological Issues

WritingDaddy.com will not be held responsible for any issues concerning technical problems or failures that have come from the customer’s Internet provider.  Power outages, viruses or network issues are outside of our control.

Deadline Policy

The customer decides every deadline for orders accepted by WritingDaddy.com. We are responsible for meeting all deadlines provided we have all the data needed from the client to complete the product. However, there are certain circumstances where we cannot be held responsible, such as:

  • The billing information from the customer is not verifiable.
  • The changes requested by the client are highly significant, in which case the deadline can be affected.
  • The customer fails to respond in due time to the requests of the writer, which can cause a delay of the product.

Understanding the Academic Levels

In order to provide you with the greatest academic success, we need to know your educational level. We will provide you with a writer that is most able to help you so that you obtain a document that is appropriate for you.

Support Staff

Our customer service is available to you 24/7. If you experience issues upon delivery, contact our client support staff.


Upon acceptance of this disclaimer, the customers agree to charge their credit card for full payment according to their order.

Binding Laws

We are fully compliant with the laws set upon us by local, state or country status concerning online purchases. If, by any chance, you believe there are legal violations, we will cooperate with any investigations.


You can rest assured that we will not reveal your contact information to anyone outside our company. The use of cookies is only to enhance customer experience on our website.

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