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The British use CVs and Americans use resumes - Australians tend to use both types of summary. We are going to take the confusion out of this disparity and give some pointers as to how you can use both to your advantage.

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CVs and resumes are confusing

The term “CV,” stands for the Latin term “Curriculum Vitæ,” and describes a long, in-depth summary which can be several pages or more in length, and is highly detailed and comprehensive. A CV is not just a brief highlight of your career - it will cover any awards, distinctions, honours and other achievements which are both outside and inside your career path. With the possible exception of these extra attributes the CV is organised in chronological order and should cover everything in your work history - not just the selected highlights. The CV itself does not vary according to the position being applied for; it is the job of the accompanying cover letter to explain any variations or possible omissions, or questionable periods of unemployment, sickness, and so on.

A resume is just that. It is a brief summary, very concise, very to the point, and is really used as a “scanning” tool to quickly sift through job applicants and make shotlists of suitable candidates for interviews, or to further the selection process. The secret with a resume is to make it jump out of the pile!

Unlike a CV, a resume should be altered for each job for which the applicant applies. It needs to reflect the needs of the position being applied for and promote your ability to fulfil that role. It does not need to be exhaustive or even chronological, need not cover any irrelevent information not pertaining to the job being applied for, and can be customised accordingly.

In summary then a CV is “the complete works of Shakespeare,” a resume is just one of the plays.

For job applications, resumes tend to be used in The US and Canada. A CV would be used in these countries only if applying for jobs in other countries, or for academic, research or other more complicated types of position.

Throughout Europe, the CV is the preferred way of introducing your history to a potential employer. There is even a “standard” European Union CV, (called Europass) which can be downloaded and used as a template. It is very comprehensive and available free, in all European languages. It is a useful resource for getting organised; whether you are writing your CV yourself, or having it done for you, and regardless of which country you live and work in.

In Australasia, a combination of both CV and resume is the norm.

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