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The cover letter. Such an innocuous term for such an important piece of writing. The cover letter is the first thing your future employer, employment agency, research establishment or academic committee will see when they open that envelope. Even if it is not read, at first, it will be glanced at and assessed instantly and the subsequent reading of your CV or resume by these people may well decided by the appearance, structure, layout and wording of your cover letter. Gulp!

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The cover letter’s main purpose is to introduce your CV or resume - not to act as an adjunct to it - do not repeat what is on your resume in your cover letter. It needs to be crisp and descriptive, well written - it goes without saying that it needs to be grammatically perfect and well constructed, but, most importantly, it needs to be inspiring and flow nicely so that people will want to read on to your CV or resume immediately.

You need to write your cover letter from the new employers angle. Do plenty of research on this; you need to know what they are looking for so that you can persuade them that the answer lies within your CV or resume. If the company feels that you are taking an interest, you are already halfway there. Use the language the company uses already in your letter - this will create affinity and subliminally bring you onboard before you have even joined.

Keep the cover letter short - one page - and then only a maximum of five paragraphs. Make sure it is typed properly, not hand-written, and on plain white paper - no logos, no fancy colours.

Tell them why you want the job, tell them why they should hire you, and then tell them what you want to happen after they have read your cover letter. Be formal and polite but if a contact name is given; use it to good effect.

Most of all, your cover letter should be original for each and every job that you apply for - it should never be a standard letter that is the same, and is sent out to all of the jobs you apply for with no thought as to how that will be received.

Remember - always - to ask yourself the question, “Why would they want to pick you?” out of all the other candidates, and then make the answer to that your cover letter.

We hope that this helps and that it gives some pointers as to how to craft a cover letter that will swing you that elusive interview and ultimately get you the job.

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If you are not comfortable with the thought of preparing your cover letter yourself  - or don’t really know where to start - cover letter help is available; has dedicated cover letter writing services at your disposal. Our specialists are able to tackle any cover letter needed; we have a team of professional writers who offer not just a cover letter for resume purposes, but a cover letter for CV applications too. There is, in our opinion, very little point in struggling on with a task as difficult as a cover letter if you are out of your depth with it. Engaging the services of our experts will give you excellent results first time - every time.

To enable this, staff will ask for pertinent information to match you to the most suitable specialist expert cover letter writer in your particular field. These professional cover letter writers are carefully selected from a broad range of human resources companies and similar commercial sources and are acknowledged to be some of the best in their chosen disciplines. Clients will find it easy to communicate their previous positions and experiences to them and discuss options and alternatives to hone that perfect cover letter. Our cover letter writing service at is second to none, and we will whip your cover letter into shape for you.

Many of our clients who are using our cover letter writing services are previous customers who have used us in the past and have been so pleased with the results that they have come back. We have high satisfaction rates and we are proud to have helped thousands of clients advance their careers and gain employment in new areas.

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