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Just think for a moment about a business - any business - it doesn't matter whether it's big business or small business, every single business in existence needs writing. Whether it is for advertising purposes, for internal company documentation, marketing drives or simply a name above the door or on the letterhead together with a slogan - copywriting is everywhere in its myriad forms.

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A Great Deal That Copywriting Involves

As with any kind of writing the majority of people think that you either can do it or you can't. If only it were that simple! Copywriting involves a great deal more than just putting words onto paper. There is a great deal of marketing psychology and salesmanship behind the structure, formation and layout of those words. A professional copywriter will spend fortunes reading and buying books and videos, and attending conferences and lectures on how to improve their communication skills. The greatest copywriters, such as Gary C. Halbert, spent years honing their skills and crafting their sales pitches and approaches to writing copy.

The Evolution within Copywriting Invokes Changes

Copywriting used to be very simple and was based around newspaper advertisements, what were known as “advertorials,” and sales letters, which were sent out by post. Along with everything else, that all changed, of course, when the internet came along.

Suddenly writing and photographs became your “shop window” on a screen. Those written words took on a new significance and became, not just important, (as they were before) but absolutely vital to the survival of the business. Email promotion too, became commonplace, and grew so prevalent that it became known as junk mail - a pejorative term, still used today, for unsolicited “spam” email communications sent randomly to prospective consumers.

The internet has spawned a whole new approach to gaining customers and this has given rise to writing pieces which are now deemed to be essential; website content, landing pages, home pages, sales pages, blogs, press releases, reviews, articles, white papers, newsletters, updates - to name but a few.

These areas are massive opportunities for businesses but only if anyone reads them!

The Way Copywriting Helps Business

Business owners are used to turning their hand to anything in order to start, and to keep, their business going. They will do the accounts, the deliveries, the designing, the exhibitions and the sales pitches and they will probably do their own copywriting too. This is not necessarily a good idea. It is very difficult to be objective about your own business - it may be the only one you have ever run. A professional, (either freelance or working for a copywriting service) will have dealt with hundreds of companies and be well-versed in scripting all types of copy, covering different social strata, age groups, interests, jobs and gender, etc.

Copywriting goes hand in hand with the design of the overall look of the business and this is important if the “story” is to be well received and acted upon. This is another area where the importance of good copy has come to the fore. The action that someone used to take if they wanted to respond to your advertisement or letter would have been to fill out, cut off, and send a “coupon” or small form to the company. Now there are small tabs called CTAs or Calls To Action embedded in your pages, which must also be worded right to get people to instantly “click,” send off for something, sign up to a newsletter or blog, or to join a group or service.

This is where the copywriting services offered by come in. Our expert team has a vast array of experience and talent and can produce sizzling copy which will convert customers across a wide range of industries, social classes, income bands and other variables. Our copywriting service will discuss what you are aiming to achieve in your marketing, brand awareness and public relations and then hone and develop a suitable strategy to meet that outline. We can do this for both old and new media.

Keeping Up With the Expansion

Even if you have a full suite of copy materials that you already use, the world moves on quickly, things become stale or even obsolete and there is always a place for a review. Even your new material should be A/B tested to see what return you are getting and where your leads are coming from. A/B testing is where statistics are compiled on the activity resulting from a particular webpage or email and this is then compared with others to see which results in the best return.

In addition to these factors the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also something to be considered. There are certain “keywords” to factor into your website and emailings. For instance, if you were selling a computer, keywords might be “reliable,” “memory,” and “screen,” because most people would search for “Computer, reliable, large memory, clear screen,” for example and the search would pull up all three terms in your website.

So; as you can see, writing copy these days is quite a complicated and specialised job which takes more than just a turn of phrase and an understanding of split infinitives.

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To find out more about the and how we can help you to beat the competition and have a superb set of written material at your disposal, just call our award-winning customer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and talk to one of our highly trained staff. They will give you an idea of our assistance prices and timescales for work and be able to suggest a suitable professional copywriter who would be able to take on your project.

All of our copywriters are handpicked for their creativity, technical knowledge and competence and, of course, for their language skills and grammar and writing ability.

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