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A dissertation paper is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to tackle. It is the culmination of all your years of hard work and sacrifice, and could be the difference between gaining honors, a first class or second class degree, masters, or a doctorate. Thesis and dissertation writing usually follows a common layout regarding the format in which it is set out:

  • a general introduction chapter to the thesis topic and method, describing the research problem, the need for the research, and the context of it
  • a theory chapter which is a literature review, grouped by an idea, together with the hypotheses, propositions and the scope of the study
  • a method chapter with a general description of the purpose and design, experiment design, and sample treatment. Analysis techniques, validity, and methodological assumptions
  • a findings chapter with a brief overview, results, and nature of the sample, descriptive analysis, validity analysis and tests of hypotheses
  • a discussions chapter dealing with both theoretical and practical interpretations of findings, proving of hypotheses, implications, and post-hoc analysis
  • a conclusion chapter which may include the writer's opinion. This summarizes the thesis and draws conclusions, implications and consequences, (both theoretical and practical) limitations, and suggestions for future research
  • an appendix - a bibliographic essay and raw data, questionnaire answers
  • a bibliography including all relevant sources used, whether cited or not

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The hardest part, without a doubt, is writing all of your research up in the form of the dreaded dissertation paper.

This would be hard enough for a student whose first language is English, but for somebody who has English as a second or even third language, the writing of a dissertation can be a mammoth task. Not everybody who speaks English as a first language is even up to this task, so it is no surprise that students turn to buying a dissertation online.

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When you buy dissertation online products you need to be confident that the company that you are dealing with is authentic. There are many places to buy dissertation papers such as these, but you do have to be careful of scammers when buying a dissertation. Unlike, these companies will ask you to pay up front to buy dissertation proposal papers or buy dissertation online products. At their best these are often off-the-peg templates which, although useful, will not enable you to complete your dissertation properly and achieve the grades that you will need.

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