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Posted: March 30, 2016 - to EducationBy: Diana
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If you are a professor who is willing to improve his/her student’s writing skills, you will try your best to involve as many pupils as possible in this type of activity. This article will provide you with several ideas that may be exactly what your classes need to motivate children to develop their writing talent. Moreover, if you are an amateur writer who needs to practice his/her skills, these activities can be the right solution for you, too.

  • Paragraph writing

When you’re aiming for something big for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed. Establishing realistic goals, which are easy to achieve, can motivate you to continue your writing journey. If you are a teacher, provide your students a lesson plan regarding successful paragraphs. Talk about structure and give your class a specific pattern. Furthermore, you can also use a template to help your students understand how variation can improve the quality of the text and make it interesting to read.

  • Interesting topics

One of the greatest aspects that can motivate a student to write is the topic you choose. For this reason, you have to make sure that you always offer your class appealing subjects. These will make them want to write, and this is your purpose! You can stimulate your students to write excellent stories only by choosing the right topics. Easy enough, right? This step definitely takes less time and energy that struggling to make them understand the importance of writing regularly and how useful this can be for their future academic tasks and personal development. This approach rarely leads to the desired results, even though it implies thorough research and hard work. If you cannot come up with so many interesting topics, you can search some on the Internet. Another idea – even a more efficient one – is to ask your students about what they would like to write. Let them think and ask them to come up with some good topics at the end of the class. Each student should have at least one topic and write it on a piece of paper. This way, you will be provided with a multitude of interesting subjects without any great effort.

  • Story boxes

Story boxes represent an exceptional idea for stimulating your students’ creativity and also for helping them improve their writing skills. All you need is a box and a few objects. Collect several objects that you find appropriate for the start of a story, and then put them in the box. A student draws an object, and then the whole class has to write a story regarding that item. Another option is to let a student draw an object, and then begin a story by telling or writing on the blackboard a sentence or two. The following student will pick up another item, and he/she has to introduce this one into the story, too, continuing what the previous student has started. This activity can also be used as oral storytelling. Instead of objects, you can use a few pieces of paper with words written on them. Or you can combine notes with objects; just let your imagination run free.

  • Descriptive Writing

In order to encourage your students to use descriptive language, you can try some descriptive writing. For this, you can make use of the idea above: the story boxes. Just that now you will use the box for providing your class with diverse and interesting objects from a large variety of fields. For example, you can put in that box a few tools, a colorful scarf, a stuffed toy or anything you consider suitable for their age and level. A student will pick up an item, and then all the class has to describe it in a short paragraph.

  • Heroic Stories

Most of the epic tales follow a particular pattern. For example, all heroes have to overcome several obstacles. Study the pattern of a hero story and discuss its characteristics with your students.  Establish the steps of writing a successful story, such as The Odyssey or Star Wars, exploring the progression of the main characters. Then, ask your students to follow the provided guidelines and compose their own hero stories. You can also transform this activity into a writing competition with an attractive reward – it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it can very well be a percent of the final grade – to encourage your students to give their best. 

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