Top 5 Skills Every College Student Needs to Hone for Successful Career

Posted: September 16, 2016 - to TipsBy: Diana
Content top 5 skills every college student needs to hone for successful career

Once you finish college and join the workforce, you will need to have some strong background information on the career you are opting for. Whether it’s mathematics, sciences or literature, you’ll need to be able to use them all properly if you want to succeed in life. However, knowing how to take tests and recite a lesson won’t be of any help for you in the future, which is why you may want to hone some extra skills as well – and these may not necessarily have anything to do with what they taught you at school. Here is what you also need to work on before entering the workforce.

  1. Teamwork

Indeed, teachers and professors have always been trying to teach us this skill by teaming us up with our classmates. For some of us it may have been heaven, and for others it may have been hell. The studious person would get all the hard work while the laidback one would only magically appear at the end, claiming the glory for the ‘hard work’ that they put into the project. Not only is this bad for the final grade, but it will also put a strain between the team workers.

The best way they can get over this is by figuring out how to collaborate with their teammates so that they all get equally invested. The best way to have a successful career is to actually provide. And you know the saying – two heads work better than one. Get over your “lone wolf” syndrome, and gather some people. Things will be done much faster that way.

  1. Interpersonal and Communication Skills

One of the main things that grind the gears of employers is that the young recruiters lack the ability to properly carry a conversation, actively listen and maintain their eye contact with other people. Combined with the evolution of electronic technology and social media, the average college student lost the ability to communicate with their peers, and now they look like a deer in the headlights whenever they are asked a question.

The best way to ensure that you are successful in your career – and actually go past that job interview – is to learn how to talk. You may argue that you are a big talker online, but what if you had to present a project, or gain a recommendation letter from a professor? If you never talk, of course, you won’t know how. You may want to start with some essay writing and then practice the texts by looking into a mirror.

  1. Time Management

Considering that you’ll probably be working with tasks once you’re out of college, you’ll need to learn how to manage your time so that you can finish your assignments before the deadline. Honing this skill should start in high school when you are given your assignments. Calculate what time you have between assignments, and manage your sessions so that you won’t be caught red-handed at the deadline, with no project to deliver. Successful writing means timely writing.

You can perfect this skill by taking responsibility for more than one area. Afterward, you will learn how to prioritize – simply because you have to – which can further help you in your volunteer work, internships, and other opportunities.

  1. Problem Solving

If you think you are going through difficult challenges now, in college, just wait until you begin your career. If you want to improve your workforce skills, you may want to focus on the problems that may appear in real life. You must be able to come up with creative solutions to solve the problem at hand, without affecting the initial formula.

As students, we are all used to fixed learning processes. We cannot veer off the main course, lest we want to stumble in some major, unanticipated setbacks. Students can hone this problem-solving skill by joining classes based on experimental learning rather than fixed processes and memorization. Students should be encouraged to pursue unfamiliar grounds. They should also try even the more uncomfortable situations, such as the Science Olympiad or the debate club.

  1. Leadership

When you do your resume writing, it would be good for you also to have “leadership skills” written in it. While we already talked about how important teamwork is within a group, you may also need to pull out some leadership skills whenever it’s necessary. Assuming the lead is very important when you want to draw attention to a situation and bring some extra motivation in the hearts of the team members. You will draw upon their background knowledge and skills by simply using your position of influence.

Whenever a company tries to hire someone, they’re looking for leadership skills – not follower skills. They want people that can take the initiative. To improve this skill, you may want to look for leadership opportunities such as student council president, team captain or lead an extracurricular group.

As you can see, it’s not just the information you learn in school that is crucial for your career. Most people reach that stage where, when asked what their skills are, they say “Tests! I can take tests!” Well, unfortunately, no matter how good we may be at it, test-taking is not a skill. In order to have a successful career, we need to perfect all the people-skills we have, use extra writing tools and learn how to adapt to any type of situation.

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