How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Posted: July 11, 2016 - to Tips
Content how to write an argumentative essay on abortion

Abortion is a hot topic these days with opinions about it divided right down the middle. Some people are against it while some see abortion as a free choice that any woman can make if she desires. Writing about such topics can often lead to debates and backlash, not because of the statements made in the essay, but because they are often based on speculation or lack of research.

Argumentative essays require anything but, and any statement made in such an essay has to be backed up by facts. Your essay writing skills might not be used here as much as your research skills will. An argumentative essay is all about presenting your thesis and a counter-argument. Abortion of all things is one of the good topics for argumentative essay because it invokes emotion. People will care when they read your essay. So how do you write an argumentative essay on a topic such as abortion without raising any red flags?

Do your research

Of all the different types of essays out there, writing an argumentative essay requires absolute dedication to researching the facts you put on your paper. Writing about a topic such as abortion will require you to dig through recent abortion statistics and opinions of different experts in the field in order to procure everything you need.  Make sure that any resource you use comes from a medical expert or an expert in that field.

Make sure to triple-check any and all sources you find for your argumentative essay, because your paper will easily get shot down if you state something that is not backed up by grounded facts and research. Don’t make up any evidence or facts just because you feel they would spice things up a bit. That is a bad idea in essay writing in general, and a terrible idea in argumentative writing which is all about research and sources.

Consider both sides of the argument

As a part of your research, you will have to be objective about the topic of abortion. You have to consider both sides of the argument about why abortion is good and why it’s bad. There are contradicting opinions on each side, and argumentative essay is all about letting them collide head on. Don’t write your essay from a single point of view and try to look at the argument from a distance. Don’t get your feelings mixed into writing an argumentative essay structure, because it takes a single sentence in a single paragraph to show which side you are on. Strive to be neutral and prepare your own arguments for later down the line.

Follow your outline

It’s always a good idea to create an outline and stick to it; this is even more important with argumentative essay writing. Try to divide your paper into four sections, and each will contain a part of your argument. You should start your paper with an intro that gives short information about the argument that you will work on and your thesis about why this argument is important. Some academic writing services may help with creating an outline and formatting your paper professionally. You’ve done essay writing before so this shouldn’t be much different.

The next two sections of your argumentative essay structure should present key claims and evidence that support abortion as a form of free choice, etc. Keep these sources to two-three arguments and make sure that they vary in origin. The section after that should contain counter-arguments, as to why abortion is bad. Also keep these arguments to two-three strong, backed-up statements that have some gravity. Stay away from blogs and forums since these are not considered legitimate sources. Look for academic and scientific sources that back one view or the other. An argumentative essay outline is not hard to follow once you set it correctly, so make sure to do this before writing anything.

The final section of your paper should be a conclusion to the argumentative essay. What is it that we can asses after seeing these two arguments on abortion? Again, use your thesis from the intro and ask the reader what would happen if your thesis should happen in real life? Make the reader think about the paper they’ve just read, not just as a paper, but as a personal question. As you can see, an argumentative essay format is easy to follow once it’s properly set, so make sure that you stick to it. Any deviation will most likely confuse the reader and make you look bad for not organizing your paper properly.

Prepare your argument

While an argumentative essay format requires you to follow both sides of the story, the professor will most likely ask you about your own argument. Prepare your defense in order to justify what you’ve written in your paper. It’s always a good idea not to bring emotions in the mix when talking about argumentative essay structure writing, so try to be as objective as possible. Even though you may not have to present your paper to the professor, one way or the other, someone will challenge you based on the paper you wrote, especially on a topic such as abortion. Remember why you wrote the paper in the first place and stand your ground when presenting your argument.

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