How to Keep Students Motivated Before Christmas

Posted: December 10, 2016 - to Tips
Content how to keep students motivated before christmas

It is that time of the year again. Christmas season is probably the most anticipated holiday break everyone is waiting for. Teachers are faced with this challenge every year as they try their hardest to keep students focused on the lesson and not looking out the window daydreaming about their family’s yearly holiday ski trip.

Even the most well-thought-out lesson plan that usually keeps students engaged in the lesson can be snowballed by students’ excitement of the upcoming Christmas holiday celebrations. Here are a few tips on how to motivate students before Christmas.

Embrace the holiday season and switch to thematic teaching

If you can’t beat them, join them. Thematic teaching means creating and carrying out a lesson plan based on a specific theme. Incorporate the Christmas theme into your lessons to grab your students’ attention and keep them engaged in the topic you are discussing. Here are some ideas to help you out.

1. Hang Christmas decors and make your classroom festive.

Make your students feel the spirit of Christmas even inside the classroom. It will make the environment feel fun and festive that they will welcome learning. Happy colleges embrace the Christmas spirit and festivities.

2. Incorporate the theme into your lessons.

  • How long can one person be exposed to the snow to contract hypothermia?
  • Study the geometry of a snowflake.
  • For social studies, discuss the history of Christmas.
  • Be creative and use Christmas characters in your lessons.
  • Calculate the distance Santas’s sleigh traveled from point A to Point B.
  • Compute the trajectory of a snowball fired from a snowball launchers or cannons
  • Experiments with snow and its particles to test which are the best for skiing

3. Make them write about their Christmas holidays

If you are wondering how to motivate college students  before Christmas, you can do so by college writing.  Make them write about their experiences during Christmas holidays or their plans this coming holiday. This will make them relive memories of holidays when they were young or look forward to another Christmas break. They may have holiday traditions that they are very enthusiastic about.

Give them topics that are related to Christmas such as:

  • What was your fondest memory of Christmas growing up?
  • If you can be Santa Claus for the day, how are you going to use the privilege?
  • What are the things you always wanted to do for Christmas break but cannot seem to do?
  • Christmas is the season of giving, what will you give others as gifts or what will you do for other people this Christmas?
  • What is your ideal Christmas celebration?
  • If you can start a new Christmas tradition what will it be and why?


4. Assign other thematic activities and projects

Another one of the many strategies to motivate college students before Christmas is through project-based learning. It is considered as the perfect engagement tool for teachers because it shifts the responsibility of learning to the students. Give them a project related to the holiday theme as part of thematic teaching and let them work on their own or by groups.

For example, ask them to present a report about the different ways people around the world celebrate Christmas. It can be the different traditional celebrations around the world that are interesting and unique based on culture and way of living.

There are a lot of topics about snow that you can take advantage of like making your students gather data that can provide solutions for communities that suffer from water loss due to evaporation. They can research about materials suitable for building more efficient homes that can store snow and water to be used for lean summer months.

Other topic ideas:

  • How does winter season or snow affect the epic battles in history?
  • What are the marketing strategies companies can use to sell their products during the holiday season?
  • What Christmas-themed movies you want to recreate and why?
  • Creative writing: Write stories related to Christmas.

Other ideas of activities:

  • Assign book reports about a classic, famous, or pop culture novel or book that has holiday themes.
  • Make them write an essay or report about award-winning movies that have Christmas themes
  • You can ask them to make documentary films with topics that are related to Christmas.
  • Let your students organize a charitable event this Christmas by picking an organization or foundation. They can also bake gingerbread cookies to sell so they can raise funds to donate to these charitable organizations.
  • Design innovative gadget or technologies that can be used as a recreational gadget and can be enjoyed on snow or something that can predict an avalanche.
  • Design a new transportation vehicle that is best for snow or winter season.

Whatever project you assign your students, make sure to set the deadline before Christmas break. This is effective in making students manage their time wisely and avoid time wasters. These projects will not only help students learn their topics well by working on them themselves, these seasonal themed projects also relieve the pressure on teachers.

After all these activities and lessons, it is also a good idea for the class to have a mini celebration before the holiday break. It is important for the teachers to be creative in motivating students before Christmas. This can be a fun experience for both students and teachers and can be a start for students to look forward to Christmas season.

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