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Posted: May 25, 2017 - to EducationBy: Diana
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The essay writing industry has become huge. All you need to do is “google” the term writing service and you will actually get hundreds of thousands of results. And like any industry there are good guys and bad guys – unfortunately more bad guys than good.

Students all over the world are contacting writing services, paying good money, and hoping that they will not be scammed. And because so many do get scammed – bad quality, plagiarized pieces of writing, no writing at all – there are lots of educators and consumer organizations who warn against such purchases.

So, is it Safe to Buy Essays Online?

The short answer is that it can be, if you know how to pick a writing service. And that involves looking for some very specific clues and information. So, let’s get at that – here is what you should do.

  1. Check Out Some Writing Service Review Sites

This is a good start. There are review sites with some detailed evaluations of writing services, and many of them are quite good. Be aware, however, that sometimes, writing services themselves set up these review sites to give their sites good reviews. Still, this is one step in a larger process and one clue for you.

  1. Look on Social Media

Once you have a list of some potentially good writing services from some review sites, check them out on social media, especially Facebook. Many of them have Facebook accounts and you may be able to pick up some conversations that will give you more information about how customers are rating them. Again, this is not foolproof – but it is another clue.

  1. Visit Selected Websites

One of the best ways to evaluate a service to buy an essay is to study its website very carefully. Here are the things you want to look for:

  • Read the content on the site. Is it written in good English? If not, move on. These are writers who will be foreigners, probably poor students who will be spinning pre-written essays, if not plagiarizing them completely. You will not get quality for your money.
  • Contact Information. Does the service have ways to contact its people other than email? There should be a phone number and there should be a live chat feature. Use them to contact agents of the company and ask questions. Can they answer those questions? If not, the company is using an answering service not its own employees. This is not a good sign.
  • Samples. When you look at a specific service’s website for essay help online, look for sample writings from their staff and for a blog. Again, look at these carefully. Would you be happy turning them in to your teacher or instructor?
  • Communication. What support do you get once you place an order? Do you get to communicate with your writer? If not, walk away.
  • Policies. Does the company have clear policies that guide its behavior? Professional services will be very clear about their responsibilities and yours too. There should be a terms and conditions agreement, guarantees, a privacy policy, and a revisions policy at a minimum.
  • Cost. Check out the pricing. This is often a big giveaway when you are trying to decide what essay writing service is good. A company that is using amateur writers, usually foreign students, will offer cheap prices to attract naïve students who don’t know how much professional writing should cost. If you are offered a price for a basic essay of less than $12.99 a page, understand that you will get an amateur writer with no degree.
  • Progressive Pricing. There should be a progressive pricing system. High school students ordering an essay should pay far less than a Ph.D. student ordering one. Why? Because a high school student needs a writer with a Bachelor’s degree; a Ph.D. student needs a writer with a doctorate degree in his research field. That Ph.D. writer will cost a lot more. Be very suspicious of a writing service that does not differentiate in pricing among academic levels. They are not using writers with degrees.

These seven factors should be taken into account before you ever consider placing an order and paying for an essay from an online service.

  1. Try to Find Recommendation from Trusted Others

Check on campus and in your dorm. Are there others who have successfully used writing services? If other students have had good experiences with some writing services, chances are you will too.

How to Make Buying Essays Online Safe – a Legal Consideration

There are no guarantees, of course. You are dealing with an online company and will never meet the owners, the agents, or your writer. You have to trust that they are professional and will come through for you. And there are some legal considerations that may make things a bit safer.

It is important that a writing service be registered as a legal entity in its geographical locale. Legal essay writing services in the United States, for example, must be registered with the state in which they have their company headquarters. If they run a business without doing this, they are violating the law.

Other countries have similar laws. When you contact a company, ask for the locale of their headquarters and ask if they are in fact registered as a business entity in their locale. It’s one more factor in determining the legitimacy of an agency you are considering.

So, is it really safe to buy an essay online?

The answer is the same as it was at the beginning of this article. It can be. Your job is to do your homework, only consider those services with a reputation for professionalism on the web, that you personally check out, or that are recommended to you by trusted others.

A Final Tip: If you are still nervous about a writing service you are considering, start with a small order for an assignment that is not too important. Or order a small essay that you actually don’t need. You can then experience the process and quality first-hand before you actually order a piece of writing that matters.

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