Compare and Contrast essay - Physical beauty vs. Inner beauty

Posted: August 19, 2016 - to Tips
Content compare and contrast essay   physical beauty vs. inner beauty

Writing a compare and contrast essay is much like comparing your two favorite movies. The whole content of the essay is focused around two distinctly different yet similar topics or objects and drawing conclusions from both. While it may sound simple in theory, how to write a good compare and contrast essay is more about critical thinking than research.

Here we will take a look at the rules of writing a compare and contrast essay outline by focusing on differences and similarities between physical beauty and inner beauty. Keep in mind that you can use any two distinct objects as a basis for your paper; depending on the assignment you are given.

Research your topics

Even though a compare and contrast essay doesn’t require as much research as other forms of essays, it still requires you to base your claims and conclusions on actual evidence and hard facts. Explain the “why” behind your essay. Why are you comparing these two subjects specifically and why against each other? Try looking at some online and written sources about physical beauty and how it contrasts inner beauty. Some of these facts will be subjective rather than objective, so it’s important to argument your claims in your paper.

How you go about researching your topics and what path you take in writing is something you should consider early on. There’s nothing worse than missing the mark with your essay. It really depends on your writing style and instructions you were given by your professor. Keep in mind that you can always look for extra writing help if you can’t get started on writing your paper.

Whatever topics you are comparing, you need to make sure that you write about them without any bias or personal feelings attached. This is an essay in which you need to be objective about what you put on paper. There will be plenty of opportunities to express personal opinion when you defend the paper with your professor, but until then, try to think critically.

Brainstorm your topics

The best way to understand your topics better is by mind-mapping. Take a piece of paper and write down both of these topics in different corners of the paper. Write down everything that you can come up in relation to one of them and start drawing a tree of ideas. Use the topics as roots and your associations as branches. Soon you will have plenty ideas, comparisons and contrasts between the two of them. Take breaks in-between brainstorming in order to get a more clear and fresh perspective. You will be on a good way of creating your compare and contrast essay outline.

Create your outline

Writing a compare and contrast outline can be mainly be done in two very similar ways and uses a much known five-paragraph format of writing. This means that your compare and contrast essay format can use five paragraphs total.

Firstly, you can start from the introduction and the basis of your paper, why is it important to compare and contrast these two topics. Next you can either approach the paper by stating all the comparisons between two subjects and then all the contrasts between them. This is a good way of grouping each one together and not mixing anything up in the process.

Another way of establishing a compare and contrast essay outline is by writing only about one of the topics and then only about the other one. For example; you would write only about physical beauty in one paragraph. What it means to people, how people treat others with great physical beauty etc. You do not mention the second topic of the essay until the next paragraph. Then, you write only about the second subject, and that’s inner beauty. After that you can proceed to comparing and contrasting both of them in a single paragraph with clear basis set up.

In the end you would write a conclusion stating that you did extensive research on the subject matter and again stating why you think it’s important to talk and write about such subjects. Your readers will appreciate the thoroughness and your thesis will feel that much more concrete.

In short, your compare and contrast essay format can look something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Physical beauty - facts
  • Inner beauty - facts
  • Physical beauty vs. inner beauty – compare and contrast
  • Conclusion

Or something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Physical beauty vs. inner beauty – comparisons
  • Physical beauty vs. inner beauty – contrasts
  • Conclusion

Make sure to pick whichever compare and contrast outline suits your particular subjects the best. While they are quite similar, they can vary in reading complexity depending on the topics.


The most common mistake among college students is proofreading or lack thereof. Read your entire essay to make sure it makes sense. Check for any grammar or proofreading errors because the last thing you want to do is write a good essay and submit it riddled with errors. Make sure that there are no first-person sentences and that your tone of voice is consistent throughout the essay. The last think you need to make sure is that your compare and contrast essay format is cohesive and makes sense as a whole. The intro should connect to the body as well as the conclusion, so make sure that all of them feel like a part of one another.

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