Character analysis essay - requiring even more effort

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Character analysis essay - requiring even more effort

A character analysis essay requires more effort compared to other types of articles, but you can write a successful one if you follow certain steps. The most important thing you should do if you want to handle in an excellent character analysis essay is to read the story or book.

This assignment does not mean only to characterize the persona, but also to make a thorough analysis of it. The following pattern regarding the structure of such a paper, as well as the pieces of advice provided in this article will definitely help you with your writing.

What you need to do before writing the essay

  • Read the story/book
  • Do some research
  • Note down the ideas you find relevant for your essay

This way, you can understand better the context of his/her actions and decide whether they were wise or not. Even though you may need to analyze a single character, you cannot omit his/her relationship with the other people from the story. The way in which a character acts may be nothing else but a reaction to the actions of other individuals.

In order to make sure you write an excellent character analysis essay, you have to do some research. Try to access a few academic articles regarding your topic. Reading them can offer you another perspective on the problem, and you can find out valuable ideas that you can use in your essay.

Whenever you find something that is relevant for your paper, whether it’s from reading the book or from other resources, note it down. This way, it will be much easier for you to compose the essay because you will already have a good part of the material you need.

Questions which will help you comprehend a character’s traits

When outlining the traits of a particular character, the following question can help you:

  • Does he/she make most of the choices?
  • What lays behind his/her actions?
  • How do his/her actions affect the others?
  • How can his/her behavior be described in relation with the character’s historical period?
  • What are the words used by the author himself to describe the character’s behavior, language, personality, etc.?
  • Is there any direct judgment that the author makes regarding the character?

The structure of a character analysis essay

  • Introduction

This part of the paper should be succinct and clear. You have to name the author and title, as well as the character/s you will analyze in your paper. Then write a few sentences about the character and settings and summarize the statement. It is recommended to include your thesis at the end of your introduction. For this particular assignment, the thesis should refer to the character’s situation and how this affects his/her actions, personal development, mindset, etc.

If you consider that some events from the life of the author have influenced the way in which he/she portraits the character you are studying, you should also specify this in the introduction. You can name a few events, or say that you will discuss this aspect further in your essay.

  • Body

The body is the most consistent part of your paper and also the longest one. For this reason, you must break it down into paragraphs. Usually, each trait of the character should be analyzed in a separate section.

These are the most important aspects you should include in each paragraph when composing your character analysis essay:

  • Character trait
  • Evidence

In the first part of the paragraph, state the character trait you are going to examine. Then start your argumentation by bringing compelling evidence. For example, mention the actions of the character that support your opinion. Another option is to give examples of his/her thoughts. You can also consolidate your argumentation by quoting a few words or sentences from the book. This is an efficient way of convincing your audience about the authenticity of your evidence.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the restatement of the main idea. It doesn’t have to contain any new information, but remind your audience of the original thesis. You can summarize the arguments of each trait – for example, a sentence for every paragraph in the body – or you can simply enumerate all of them. 

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