Medium how study habits can tie students  hands
By: DianaSeptember 01, 2017
How Study Habits Can Tie Students' Hands

Study habits are often formed pretty early in a student’s academic career. It’s the responsibility of teachers to help students develop good habits of organizing themselves for studying and strategies to learn effectively.

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Medium some expert advice
By: DianaMay 25, 2017
How Safe is it to Buy an Essay Online? Expert Advice

The essay writing industry has become huge. All you need to do is “google” the term writing service and you will actually get hundreds of thousands of results. And like any industry there are good guys and bad guys – unfortunately more bad guys than good.

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Medium math homework help   get it if you need it
February 08, 2017
Math Homework Help – Get it if You Need It!

Here’s the thing about math. It’s cumulative and sequential. What this means in very simple terms is that what you learned last week, you are using this week; and what you are learning this week, you will be using next week. If you can’t solve an algebraic equation with one variable, how will you ever solve one with two variables?

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Medium are you happy check out these 20 colleges with the happiest students
October 15, 2016
Are You Happy? Check Out These 20 Colleges with the Happiest Students

Studying in a college or university does not always have to be academic. The most important part is your college education. It is a perfect venue for both personal and professional developments, as well as for making friends and keeping your well-being in check. It is possible to maintain a happy disposition and achieve student success, while making an effort to excel in your academics.

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Medium top 5 online educational platforms for fun and productive summer
July 29, 2016
Top 5 Online Educational Platforms for Fun and Productive Summer

Spending your time productively during the summer can be difficult. The fact is that you are taking a break from college and looking for ways to recharge before having to go back to paper writing and lectures. That being said, it’s still possible to have a great time during the summer and do some work in a form of online courses.

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Medium rsz what writing tools will make your college life easier than ever
By: DianaMay 23, 2016
What writing tools will make your college life easier than ever

College is looming in your future after the summer months are over, and you will be doing more writing than ever. Essays will flood your schedule as soon as your first week begins, and you need to be ready and equipped with the writing tools that will make your academic life less hectic.

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Medium character analysis essay writingdaddy
By: DianaApril 01, 2016
Character analysis essay - requiring even more effort

A privileged background comes in handy with a lot of things, including education. With the ever-increasing cost of a college education, having mom and dad pay for school and your accommodation makes a huge difference.

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Medium 6 tips form writiers writingdaddy
By: DianaMarch 31, 2016
6 Tips from Writers

Sometimes, it can be thrilling, relaxing, challenging while other times writing seems near to impossible. Whether you are a professional writer or an amateur, you might use some help. A writer will always try his/her best but there will always be a little fiction in his/her nonfiction.

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Medium writing activity writingdaddy
By: DianaMarch 30, 2016
Writing activities

When you write for any amount of time and for any purpose, a dry spell in creativity is inevitable. We call that writer’s block. Writer’s block is not illustrative of your writing abilities or lack thereof, and it can happen to any writer, even famous published authors!

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