9 The Most Extraordinary Summer Internships Students Can Still Apply

Posted: April 10, 2017 - to Tips
Content 9 the most extraordinary summer internships students can still apply

Summer is fast approaching, and to keep your skills alive and push away boredom, apply for summer internships in your area or abroad. Employers are offering internships in many categories. If you are looking to expand your knowledge in an area that is not your expertise, an internship can help you on your way.

When beginning your search for an internship keep in mind that it is better to find the paying internships on your own to sidestep the middleman. Programs that offer internships usually get paid a portion of the money, called a finder’s fee, that you can keep in your pocket. With due diligence, you can find the perfect summer internship.

What’s more, you will get better results and benefits when you apply directly to an international business that has in place global summer internship programs. Stick with the big names, and if they are not accepting, ask that they put your name on the list for future internship possibilities. All internships will help you develop skills you can gain to succeed.


Interested in working close to the space programs? NASA has paying summer internship programs available for high school through the graduate level for students that attend full time accredited programs. U.S. citizenship is criteria for this internship that accepts majors from all areas. The summer internships for college students’ deadlines vary and if one is not open, this is one of the agencies that have at least something open some of the time. They have provided the following information:

  • Fall Session opportunities (16 wks.) begin in late August or early September and conclude in Mid-December.
  • Spring Session opportunities (16 wks.) begin in mid-January and conclude in early May.
  • Summer Session opportunities (8-10 wks.) begin in late May or early June and conclude in early August.
  • Year-Long Session opportunities (greater than 16 wks.) do not correspond to the 3 standard sessions above. (NASA.GOV)


FOX News

This opportunity is only for those looking for high energy fast paced environments. FOX News has internships available in various departments that will be taking on interns to help in the day-to-day operations such as answering phones, and other duties needed in their perspective departments such as:

  • Newsroom
  • Digital (knowledge of Photoshop, HTML and AP style)
  • Production (possibility of going on remote shoots)
  • Creative Services/Marketing

They have more info on their website and the following deadlines were listed:

  • Fall Semester - Second week of June
  • Spring Semester - Second week of October
  • Summer Semester – Second week of February (Fox26houston.com)



One of the most sought after internships by designers, computer engineers, and the graphic design community. Google has lists of the best offers for 2017 all in one convenient place. An application and cover letter are required for many of their positions.



With the mission to make “the world more open and connected” Facebook may be the place to begin your new career by gaining an internship with them. With global influence and fast paced culture, working with Facebook can be the door to opportunities that you had not ever dreamed of. Think of it, they have the following available jobs and internships to offer:

  • Engineering in Tech and Design: Analytics; Core Data Science; Data Warehousing

Design; Software Engineering

  • Business internships: Instagram; Legal; Security; Small business
  • Facebook University
  • Research Intern


American Red Cross

Are you interested in being there for those that face tragedy, and want to help in emergency situations? Then the American Red Cross is the internship for you. As a communication major, you are the ideal candidate and should apply for a position in one of the most well-known organizations in the world. Some responsibilities for this summer internship for college students include:

  • Intake of blood donors
  • Managing regional social media accounts (updating trends)
  • Writing/editing newsletters, news releases, copy-editor

This is an unpaid internship that could lead to a career. Deadline to apply is May 31, 2017.


Are you a non-traditional student that has gone back to school after raising your kids and now maybe your grandkids too? Then Boomerville can use your experience in an unpaid internship that will help you gain valuable internet skills. It is a podcast site for baby boomers and they will need an intern to assist with the following:

  • Updating and distributing content to Facebook and Twitter
  • Editing content for past episodes across social media networks
  • Public relations officer to book guests for podcasts episodes
  • Research topics in a timely manner
  • Writer for blog content/copy writer.


American International Group, Inc.

Want to do your internship from home? Consider a summer internship that you probably can do all year long as a customer service representative. The company has a paid internship and their offices are in Atlanta, GA. This is a full-time paid internship with the following duties:

  • Take phone orders
  • Customer involvement (answer questions/phone)
  • Product descriptions and help with product issues
  • Handle emails/voicemails
  • Work with team to meet assigned goals

This internship is also open to high school graduates interested in home based internships. Communication skills are a must and at least 1 year of customer service is preferred but not necessary.

PES Film Company (Unpaid/college credit)

PES Films, located in the Philadelphia PA area is looking for those that are in college and will receive this internship as college credit while gaining real life experience. This is a fast paced upwardly moving company with roots in theater and is now branching off into the film.

The college student intern will be required to commit to a 4-month period and be able to dedicate at least 15 hours per week, or more if possible.

The responsibilities for the student internships vary from Administrative/HR to Marketing. More information is available when making application to this college internship.


An unpaid but extremely beneficial internship when it comes to gaining experience if you are trying to break into motion graphics. You will be part of a team based in N.Y. city that is fast paced and offers college credit upon completion of your summer internship. Located in the heart of the big apple, Emporia offers a wide range of services including:

  • Fashion shows
  • Music videos
  • Documentaries
  • Artist branding

You will be required to submit your portfolio of work done in graphic design/web work.

Your Cover Letter

What we have seen as a requirement across many of these internships is the need for a cover letter. When writing your cover letter for summer internships, or any of the long-term internships, keep in mind your strengths. Read the qualifications pages more than once so you are clear on what they are asking of their candidates. Keep your cover letter precise and to the point, not filling it up with too much non-relevant information. You will be able to give more information in your resume and when you are invited to interview. In case you don`t feel like completing it on your own or just not sure your cover letter has been put down in a needed way - don`t hesitate to ask for help. There are professional writing services that can show you how to write a cover letter for an internship. And remember, your cover letter is just an introduction to who you are and what you are looking for from an internship for a designated period. The main goal will be you showing up at the interview and making it rock. Good luck!

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