Medium math homework help   get it if you need it
February 08, 2017
Math Homework Help – Get it if You Need It!

Here’s the thing about math. It’s cumulative and sequential. What this means in very simple terms is that what you learned last week, you are using this week; and what you are learning this week, you will be using next week. If you can’t solve an algebraic equation with one variable, how will you ever solve one with two variables?

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Medium writing personal narrative essay writingdaddy
January 09, 2017
Writing a Powerful Personal Narrative Essay – 9 No-Fail Tips

While you may have a very clear idea of what is a personal essay, actually writing one brings some challenges that you may not have considered. Here are nine tips for making that essay powerful and compelling for any reader, because that is the real goal of such a piece.

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Medium how to keep students motivated before christmas
December 10, 2016
How to Keep Students Motivated Before Christmas

It is that time of the year again. Christmas season is probably the most anticipated holiday break everyone is waiting for. Teachers are faced with this challenge every year as they try their hardest to keep students focused on the lesson and not looking out the window daydreaming about their family’s yearly holiday ski trip.

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Medium christmas discounts with writing daddy
December 01, 2016
Essay Sale of December 2016

The time has come to enjoy the joyous season! Everybody deserves to have a rest from the tedious college writing at least in December. And this season Writing daddy has something really special for the season!

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Medium everything you need to know about writing a descriptive essay
November 17, 2016
Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay writing is creating a vivid picture of a subject matter may it be a person, place, or property. This is done by providing details of the author’s sensory observation of it. Start to organize sensory information on how he sees, smells, tastes, hears, and feels the subject. The ultimate goal is to make the reader feel that he was the author experiencing the subject himself.

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Medium are you happy check out these 20 colleges with the happiest students
October 15, 2016
Are You Happy? Check Out These 20 Colleges with the Happiest Students

Studying in a college or university does not always have to be academic. The most important part is your college education. It is a perfect venue for both personal and professional developments, as well as for making friends and keeping your well-being in check. It is possible to maintain a happy disposition and achieve student success, while making an effort to excel in your academics.

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Medium top 5 skills every college student needs to hone for successful career
By: DianaSeptember 16, 2016
Top 5 Skills Every College Student Needs to Hone for Successful Career

Once you finish college and join the workforce, you will need to have some strong background information on the career you are opting for. Whether it’s mathematics, sciences or literature, you’ll need to be able to use them all properly if you want to succeed in life.

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Medium compare and contrast essay   physical beauty vs. inner beauty
August 19, 2016
Compare and Contrast essay - Physical beauty vs. Inner beauty

Writing a compare and contrast essay is much like comparing your two favorite movies. The whole content of the essay is focused around two distinctly different yet similar topics or objects and drawing conclusions from both. While it may sound simple in theory, how to write a good compare and contrast essay is more about critical thinking than research.

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Medium top 5 online educational platforms for fun and productive summer
July 29, 2016
Top 5 Online Educational Platforms for Fun and Productive Summer

Spending your time productively during the summer can be difficult. The fact is that you are taking a break from college and looking for ways to recharge before having to go back to paper writing and lectures. That being said, it’s still possible to have a great time during the summer and do some work in a form of online courses.

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Medium how to write an argumentative essay on abortion
July 11, 2016
How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Abortion is a hot topic these days with opinions about it divided right down the middle. Some people are against it while some see abortion as a free choice that any woman can make if she desires. Writing about such topics can often lead to debates and backlash, not because of the statements made in the essay, but because they are often based on speculation or lack of research.

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